Designs for Print 

Ham Fist Studios is a recording studio who emailed me a sketch on a napkin. I created a polished version with a sweet color palette, suitable for printing at any size.

I created this logo for a musician based on a rough sketch and style references he supplied. 

I created this logo for a musician based on his references and description. He also uses the"B" with the flower as a smaller logo.

This logo was for a youth lacrosse team - the writing was supplied by the coach and I designed the anime-style parrot.

This is a title logo commissioned for a comic book. It shows the versatility and grace of lettering art. 

This is a commissioned design I created in Adobe Illustrator specifically for screenprinting on t-shirts. 

This owl was designed by the tattoo artist Autumn Burns. I was hired to turn it into vector art while staying as faithful as possible to the original pencil drawing. 



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